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Vocational training ambassadors

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Our vocational training ambassadors

To reach students of secondary school age with the message that vocational training is a smart choice, it is important for there to be models they can identify with. So, who better to tell us more convincingly about the benefits and strengths of vocational training than our previous competitors from the national vocational team?

In 2020, our ambassadors participated in virtual fairs and various events to share information about the benefits of vocational training and to inspire young people in the process of choosing  their upper secondary school. They also recorded digital material that was used by schools and disseminated in social media.

In 2020, 15 people had the honour of acting as vocational training ambassadors for WorldSkills Sweden. The requirement for participating in the network is to have been a former member of  the national vocational team. In addition to being ambassadors for vocational training in general, ambassadors also serve as role models for their respective occupations and industries.

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