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Raising interest in vocational teaching

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WorldSkills Sweden conducted several communication campaigns in 2020 to raise interest in vocational teaching among the already employed. We can hopefully make vocational teaching more attractive by emphasising professional pride in the role. The campaign runs on social media.

We hope to inspire more professionals to choose a future in vocational teaching by celebrating and spotlighting great teachers as role models. In 2020, we paid tribute to vocational teacher Maria Wahlberg, who has meant a great deal to a great many, especially former national team member Jonna Mjörnell. Maria is a vocational teacher in the health and social care course, which was chosen as an especially suitable course to celebrate during the pandemic year. Tribute was paid at the school where Maria works, and she was honoured with a portrait depicting her in a school setting. Journalists were present at the event, and there were campaigns in social media to spread the word. WorldSkills Sweden enjoyed excellent reach through this initiative, both in mainstream media and social media.

Career portrayal
We produce videos and articles portraying vocational teachers to inspire more people to consider a future in vocational teaching. The videos aims to provide a more profound picture of vocational teaching and the satisfaction sharing professional knowledge can give a person.

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