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A competition for Europe’s most skilled young professionals.

Europe’s most talented young vocational professionals compete to win the European Skills Championship.

EuroSkills lets Europe’s most skilled young professionals compete in different fields. Young people up to the age of 25 can participate in the biennial European Skills Championship and compete for three exhilarating days.

EuroSkills’ main goal is to shine a spotlight on vocational education, training and skills by letting talented young participants demonstrate their competencies. Both participants and experts get to develop their skills by preparing for and attending EuroSkills. During the international event, they forge connections that can facilitate partnerships throughout their entire future career.

Did you know that…

  • The event is attended not just by the participants but also by 500 experts, who help participants prepare and who serve as judges.
  • The first time EuroSkills was organised was in 2008, in Rotterdam.
  • The Swedish National Skills team has won more than 39 EuroSkills medals. See all former Swedish winners

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