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YourTalent has been a successful concept for many years, and the aim of the project from the start was to help young people broaden their knowledge about the various upper secondary school courses available – mainly in the run-up to the selection of upper secondary school all year 9 students have to make every year. Thus communication is targeted to reach young people directly, and the material distributed is simple and concrete.

During the Corona pandemic, YourTalent proved to be more important than ever. When trade fairs, events and other gatherings were cancelled, young people searched for their own information online. They came across YourTalent, and their interest in vocational training was piqued in social media and other digital channels.

The YourTalent campaign are chiefly spread via the platforms Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube, where the vast majority of young people hang out. Facebook are also used, but the target groups were parents with young people in secondary school age groups and school personnel.

The YourTalent website ( is home to e.g. the popular talent test. The test forms part of a concept in which young people are guided toward the vocational course that might suit them best. In 2020, the test was taken by more than 53,000 people, compared to just 5,000 people in 2019.

In 2020, several videos were produced that were released successfully. The videos were based on such things as the outcomes of surveys showing that young people find it difficult to get answers about selecting an upper secondary school.

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